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The Patron body of the Mus­lim schools in Ire­land

The role of the Mus­lim Pri­mary Edu­ca­tion Board is to man­age and develop Mus­lim pupils’ edu­ca­tion through ded­i­ca­tion and excel­lence through uphold­ing Islamic val­ues.  Its prin­ci­pal aims are to advise and empower the edu­ca­tors and par­ents within the com­mu­nity thus pro­vid­ing a stim­u­lat­ing learn­ing envi­ron­ment cul­ti­vated within an Islamic ethos where stu­dents will flour­ish and develop, ulti­mately allow­ing them to achieve their fullest poten­tial and become suc­cess­ful role-mod­els worth emu­lat­ing, which

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7 June, 2019
Student Support Scheme for Asylum Seekers

A grant support scheme for asylum seekers in third level education to continue for 2019/20. The scheme has been altered in light of a review which indicated that a requirement to have been in school in Ireland for at least five years was too restrictive. …More

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  • 3 June, 2019
    Eid ul-Fitr 2019

    Muslim Primary Education Board wishes all Muslim parents, pupils and teachers Eid Mubarak. This year Eid ul-Fitr will fall on Tuesday, 4th 2019 - for further details please contact the Islamic Foundation of Ireland. …More

  • 21 April, 2019
    Ramadan Mubarak 1440/2019

    Muslim Primary Education Board wishes all Muslim parents, pupils and teachers Ramadan Mubarak. Welcome the month of Ramadan with the heart filled with peace, harmony and joy! …More

“Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim” Sunan Ibn-Majah, Book of Sunnah, Hadith No. 224

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